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Breeder of   

Quality Poodles   

Since 1980   

Jenuin Poodles has been involved with exhibiting and breeding Miniature and Toy Poodles for 35 years, achieving multi Best in Shows at All Breed Championship and Specialty Show level, therefore, gaining Top Winning Status for our Poodles in this country and overseas.

All other levels of Performance i.e. Agility/Obidience and Tracking (of which we have 6 Tracking Champions so far) is being excelled at also.  

Many of our Poodles are also in the 'Pets for Therapy' programs as well as pleasing countless families as loving companions.

Health issues are of great importane at Jenuin.  All Breeding Stock is DNA'd for PRCD type PRA and or is clear by parentage as well as all Males (Sires) are Penn-Hip Scored.  General Health checking is also routinely carried out. 

All puppies are vaccinated/wormed/microchipped as well as great care taken to rear them with constant consideration given to their future transition into a loving home.

All Jenui puppies are from The Worlds top Black Miniature lines, which great care has been taken to bring from England/Europe/Scandinavia and USA.

The results being the achievements being gained in the conformation, obedience, agility and tracking area today.

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